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Find Sanitaryware Catalogue to Download in PDF Format

Download Parryware Spares Catalogue PDF

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download parryware spares catalogue pdf
download parryware spares catalogue pdf

Wood toilet seat cover

Download Parryware Spares Catalogue PDF

Download Parryware Spares Catalogue PDF

About Parryware Spares


Parryware is a popular brand, which manufactures bathroom products in India. It is working since 1952 when Parryware started under EID Parry in Ranipet. The brand values are Trust, Practical, Contemporary and Youthful. They provide promising sanitary ware products and has gained a trust among customers with 60 years of experience.

Their products are tailored to the customer’s needs, imagination, space, and pocket. Assuring the best quality of their products and provides innovative bathroom fittings. The youthful spirit of the company vibrates their designs that challenge the status quo and are leading light.

Catalogue Details: Cascade – Insert Plugs, Screw tank hold, Gasket for expansion plug, Brass washer for expansion plug, Water divider, DF Floor Mount Inlet Assembly, Flat arm brass, Float Ball, floating body, etc. Slimline and Tiger Cistern – Rubber Kit, Bracket, Slimline Inlet Assembly, Knob, Arm Assembly front Knob economy / Deluxe, Outlet assembly for front Knob, Slimline D/F Inlet etc. Kalahari & AAA Fittings – Bolt & Nut for Cistern fixing, AAA Outlet, Arm Assembly, AAA Knob etc.

Colorado Fittings – Outlet Assembly, Float Ball, Inlet, KNOB, Outlet holder, rubber kit, Inlet assembly etc. Some more fittings such as, Wonderflush Fittings, Miscellaneous fittings, EFS & E-Tap Spares, Niagara Coupled closet, Pressure Pump – Control Unit, Waterless Urinal, Seat Cover, AVON Coupled Conc S Trap – Coupled Closet Conc S Trap, Infilter Assembly, Rubber Outlet RIOS/AVON, Inlet Assembly, Outlet Assembly, Cistern fix assembly etc. Arthur Single Piece P/S Trap – Single Piece P/S Trap Suite 6-3LTS, Closet fixing kit, Infilter Assembly, Seat cover hinge, Inlet Assembly, Rubber outlet etc.

Spares Catalogue “Crestia” -  Venice Coupled Closet P Trap, Havana Single Piece S Trap, Havana Wallvit Pan, Geneve Wallvit Pan, Chester Wallvit Pan, Arthur Coupled P Trap, Chetser Coupled S Trap, Bristol Coupled S Trap, Sofia Single Piece S Trap, Duke Single Piece S Trap, Duke Coupled S Trap, Duke Walvit Pan, Roma Single Piece, Roma Single Piece, RIO Grande S/P Trap, RIOS Concealed Cistern, Angel Concealed Cistern, Emperor Urinal, JOG Shower panel, Silver Strand, TYNE Shower panel, Splash Shower panel, Nelson Shower, Angel Enclosure, Twin, Hudson, Lena, Andrea, Venice Basin, Sofia Basin, Vanity Cabinets and Slimline Classic.


Parryware Bathroom Products Private Limited,

No.62, KGN Towers,

4th Floor, A-Wing,

Ethiraj Salai,


Chennai - 600 105.

Tel.No: +9144 4902 2000.

Customer Enquiry : 1800-274-6060.



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