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Sanitaryware.org has more than 150 articles related to sanitary ware industry and helps more than a 100K reader in a month. You can share your sanitaryware industry knowledge to the world by publishing your article in our sanitaryware.org site.

Who can write article for sanitaryware.org?

Of course you, There is no age limit, education or experience needed to share what you know.

What you get when you write an article and publish in sanitaryware.org?

The article will be publish on your name with your photo and link your website, social accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. You can see an example below. Which can get you lot of contacts (Potential employer, Customer and more) from our sanitaryware industry which will help you in many ways. This is one of the best ways to build your professional picture.

Write for us Author bio - Sanitaryware.orgWhat Kind of Articles you can write?

Possibilities are limit less. Only thing it must pass some knowledge to the reader.

  1. Ways to troubleshoot problems in sanitaryware production.
  2. A list of sanitaryware industries located in particular location/country.
  3. A video you saw in youtube which you think that will be helpful for sanitryware professionals. (Just attach the URL).
  4. Cost reducing equipment or a new concept in sanitary ware industry.
  5. Operating procedure for equipment used in production or R&D lab.
  6. And whatever you think is good to share with sanitaryware world.
  7. If you are a raw material or machinery supplier we do publish about your product, advantages and other information with your contact details.

Some of the example post from our site will help you to understand better.

Guide lines for writing article for sanitaryware.org

Please do not copy and paste anywhere from internet. That is not good for the site or readers. But you can use reference from multiple sources.

  • Add your personal tone to your article; Use “we” & “you” words. Help people to know that you are writing this article from your knowledge and experience.
  • Please write minimum of 300 plus words and it will be good if you can write a 1000+ word article.
  • No need to worry about grammar and formatting of the article, we will take care of it.

How much time for your Article to go online once you upload it?

Once you upload, it won’t take much time to process it. The instant your article publishes you will receive a mail notification.Still Have some doubt or want some clarification. Just contact us.

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