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Do I have to pay to search for jobs?
No! We will never charge job seekers for anything. Search, Apply and post your resume online. it’s all free.
what should i include in my Resume?”]Guide to creating your CV: About you Include your name, your contact numbers & address and your email address. Education Your CV should: Accurately reflect your academic achievements, technical qualifications and experience. Provide details of your highest level of school or technical qualifications, the institution from which you received them, and the dates you studies there. Your working history This is an important part of your CV, so please give time and attention to it. Provide with details of your role, your achievements, and any special projects you’ve been involved in with each employer. Please review your CV to make sure it contains your essential information, and makes you a great fit for the role you’ve applied for.
May I apply to more than one job?
Yes. You may apply to more than one job. But you must submit a separate application for each job for which you wish to be considered. Please check the requirements for each jobs carefully & only apply to those for which you are qualified and fully meet the requirements.
My question wasn’t answered here – where can I ask for more information?
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