10 Sanitaryware Online Shopping Website to Buy in India

We have listed 10 sanitary ware online shopping websites around India, which provides high-quality sanitary ware products. You can buy the product you need among these online shopping sites without any doubts. Nowadays we can order and buy anything from the computer without leaving your desk. The Sanitaryware products are also included in this list of buying products from the place you are. When we buy through online the only thing, which has to be noticed is whether the site is providing a good quality of product with best price. Nowadays there are many complaints on online sale. To ensure that and to help the needy the top 10 sanitaryware online shopping sites around India is listed. There are number of websites offering sanitary ware products for sales via online. Some shopping websites afford high-end sanitary ware products. Some website affords sanitaryware products directly from the sanitaryware manufacturer. Both categories have advantages in their own way. Each sanitary ware website is provided with the details like types of products they provide, list of price, quality and the functionality of the site. Let us now look the details of shopping websites where you can buy the sanitary ware around India.

Cera India:

Cera sanitary ware is one of the popular and very big sanitary ware manufacturing factory in India, which provides a very stylish and high featured bathroom sanitaryware products in a best price. Cera sanitary ware is an online shopping site, they get the order of the products and do a good transportation of products to get reached to the buyers safely. They provide many products that comprise ceramic sanitary ware, floor tiles, faucet, wall tiles, mirrors, kitchen sinks & wellness. The list of ceramic sanitaryware items in the online sale of Cera sanitary ware are One piece toilet, 2 piece toilets, bathroom fittings, faucets, seat cover, plastic tank, EWCs, Wash basins, Special needs range, Urinals, Electronic Flushing systems, Cisterns, Seat covers, Bath accessories, Kids Range, & Green products. You can get many different style and modern sanitaryware products in Cera sanitaryware online shopping site. For better e-commerce functionality, the Cera sanitary ware website has modified recently. Hence you can ensure best updated products from the Cera shopping site.

cera-india manufacturer selling on online store
cera-india manufacturer selling on online store


Neycer sanitary ware manufacturer also provides online shopping option through their site. This site is dedicated only for Ceramic sanitary ware products. This site has also upgraded recently to accommodate the best functionality required for growing shopping functionality.
Neycer sanitaryware is an oldest manufacturer in India. The Neycer sanitaryware manufacturer is functioning since 1960 and they are the first manufacturer of Single piece closets in India. They provide sanitary ware products directly from the manufacturer. There are no third parties between the buyer and the manufacturer. Hence, you can get a best price. You may also get some discounts in it for some products. The list of ceramic sanitary ware products in the online sale of Neycer sanitaryware are One piece closets, Extended wall hung closets, Coupled closets, Floor mounted EWC’s, Tabletop washbasin’s, Integrated half pedestal, Wall hung wash basins, Over counter wash basins, Bidets, Urinals, Wall hung closets, Wash basins with pedestals. Many new collections of Single piece closets and Wallhung water closets are recently added to their collection. The collections of Neycer sanitary ware products are elegant and high in quality. You can get sanitary ware products with best price in Neycer sanitaryware manufacturer.

neycer sanitaryware manufacturer selling online
neycer sanitaryware manufacturer selling online


A well-known shopping site in India is Flipkart, which provides various products for sale with best quality and price. They also provide sanitaryware and related items in their site. The Flipkart is a Megastore for shopping and has a special name among the online line shopping for its performanceand collection of products. The dealers / manufacturers list these items in their site itself. Hence, the ordered products are collected from the dealers / manufactures’ and shipped to the ordered persons by the flipkart. They have various lists of items regarding sanitary ware. Some of the list of sanitary ware products in the flipkart online site comprise Melbon Bathroom sink catcher corner, Belmonte plastic toilet seat cover, General paper toilet seat cover, travel blue paper toilet seat cover, Star flush side handle flush tank, Belmonte table top basin, Crossandra table top basin, VML Curo designer wash basin, Urinals, Bathroom taps, Shower, Cistern, Belmonte Ncraze C T P 20 inch Indian commode, 1 Inch towel rod, Bathroom mirror, Wall Hung basin, Tumbler Holded brass tooth brush holder, Solid charm pronged hook, steel toilet paper holder, Aquant counter top etc. in this smart shopper you can get many collections of sanitaryware products in various colors and designs. You can select your choice and buy.

flipkart top online website to buy sanitaryware
flipkart top online website to buy sanitaryware


Pepper fry is a very popular shopping site mainly does sale on home furniture items. Since sanitary ware products are considered as part of home furniture, Pepper fry has also started to sale some collections of sanitary ware items in their shopping site. Only limited collections / brands of sanitaryware items are being listed. The list of sanitaryware items in pepper fry shopping site includes decorating & acrylic washbasins. They provide items such as, Ceramic sanitary ware water closet, Parryware wall hung water closet, Cube / Cardiff ceramic water closet, Geneve ceramic wall hung water closet, cascade, floor mounted coupled, Cardiff floor mounted coupled water, elite ceramic water closet, Urinals, Bathroom taps, Shower, Cistern, cube /nuoro / calico / poppy ceramic bowl basin, multicolor onyx wash basin, pedestal ceramic basin and more collections.

pepperfry furniture site selling sanitary ware online
pepperfry furniture site selling sanitary ware online


Snap deal is one of the fast and easy online shopping site that provides various brands for sale. This is the site, which provides huge list of brands in sanitary ware items and collections compared to other related sites. They contain many collections of items / brands in each category to catch the attention of people. Snap deal has been known for its deals / discounts every day or week for some category of products. The list of some of the sanitaryware items in snap deal shopping sites are, Elongated water closet, one piece closet, one piece EWC, one piece water closet, wall hung cambell, EWC conventional s-trap without cistern, studio water closet, liquid one piece closet, wall hung compact, complete set EWC popular p with seat cover, alpine water closet, wall hung water closet, Urinals, Bathroom taps, Shower, Cistern, floor mounted couple closet, one piece closet rene, multi function electronic EWC, varmora white p-trap and many more collections are available in this site. You can easily select the option of your choice, since there are various models and collections of sanitary ware products and buy your choice.

snapdeal - largest sanitaryware selling online
snapdeal – largest sanitaryware selling online


Moglix is a newly developed shopping site, which provides home products and industrial products. They also provide sanitary ware products in their online shopping. It is one of the fast growing website in India. They buy products from different sellers and sale it in their site for a reasonable price. The list of some of the sanitary ware products in their site comprise, Sleek flush tank with dual flush, Orissa squatting pan, petite plus seat cover, grafica series wall hung, cistern, series wall hung, exposed cistern, wash basin in different types, swivel mirror, soft close seat cover, Urinals, Bathroom taps, Shower, Cistern, element for wall hung WC, single flush plastic cistern, low level cistern, electronic flushing system, satin finish urinal, flushing cistern and many more collections are available in their catalog. It is a fast developing site and provide many collections of popular brands of sanitaryware items in their list. It is also a preferable site for purchase of sanitaryware products.

moglix ceramic sanitaryware sale online
moglix ceramic sanitaryware sale online


Sales truck is an online market place for shopping various products, like electronics, clothing, tools, hardware etc. They also provide sanitary ware items in their online shopping site. It is also one of the fast growing online shopping sites, which provides a collection of popular brands in their site. Some of the lists of sanitaryware products in this site comprise, continental under counter wash basins, toilet roll holder, PVC P-Trap, Urinals, many types of Bathroom taps, Shower, Cistern, Asian Indian pan, flush white tank, Flushing plates / control plates, sanitary / cubix wall hung, solo wall hung, solo couple closet, kubix table top basins in various designs and shapes, Faucets single lever and various type of faucets etc. There are many collections and easily you can select your choice and buy.

sale struck online sanitaryware sale site
sale struck online sanitaryware sale site


Decorals is a shopping website specially meant for sanitary ware products. They also provide products related to, Bathroom fittings, Bath Accessories, Showers, bathroom vanities, Designer wash basins and Kitchen ware. They sell only selected brands mostly foreign brands such as Toto, Grohe, Duravit, American standard etc are available in their site. The products displayed in this site are little costlier but high in quality. Many remarkable and unique products are found in this decorals site. You can get a collection of designed wash basins and other sanitaryware products in this site. Some of the lists of items displayed in this decorals site comprise, Urinals, Bathroom taps in various designs, Shower, Cistern, Bath accessories, Towel holder, Double swivel towel holder, Floor mounted toilet, floor mounted one piece toilet starck, wall hung toilet with UF seat, wash down wall hung, counter top wash basin, semi recessed wash basin with overflow starck, bottle trap for wash basin and many more collections in various designs are available in Decorals. They have online chat box which will help you to clear some of your queries directly by the decorals site person. This is a good option in this site. You will definitely be satisfied for the collection of designs in this site.
decorals sanitaryware shopping site


Askmebazaar is one of the shopping site where they sell various collection of products at best price. They provide sanitaryware products also. You can get some offers / coupons for some products at some particular times. Some of the lists of sanitary ware products in this shopping site comprise, Urinals, Bathroom taps in many types, Showers in many designs, Cistern, Floor mounted toilet, Wall hung toilet, counter top wash basin, low level cistern, electronic flushing system, soft close seat cover, series wall hung, swievel mirror and many types of mirrors, faucets and many more collections are available in this askmebazaar site. Sometimes you can avail some coupon in this site, which provides discount for the products you purchase.askmebazzar sanitaryware online store


We can buy any type of sanitaryware product through online shopping as we buy the other products such as clothing, electronics etc. There is no proper awareness in India about the online sale of sanitaryware products. Hence, it has not reached to a peak level. Still people prefer buying sanitary ware directly from shops. Now the percentage of selling sanitaryware products is increasing day by day and simultaneously the online selling sanitary ware products also increases day by day. Very soon, the online sale on sanitaryware products will go to a peak. We get good quality products in best price through online when compared buying directly from shops. Instead of going to 10 different shops and see for the collection of products and price, you can sit in one place and get all the details about the products from 10 different sites. The ordered products will reach you at your doorstop without any tension. This is the great advantage in online shopping. There are many people who don’t like shopping / get tired through shopping and don’t have time to shop, these people get very much benefited through online shopping. Online shopping is a gift of this modern technology. Please have a look on each detail of the sites, select a best among them, and enjoy your shopping experience easily and wisely from home itself.

If you have any inquiry regarding this topic throw your queries in the comment box. I will try to clarify your doubts as much as possible.

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