Evolution of Bathroom Toilets Infographic

This Evolution of Bathroom infographic looks at bathroom developments and advances all the way back to the 18th century through to the modern day. We have come a long way from a hole in the ground to a sophisticated sewage removal and treatment system.

What we do in the bathroom has been evolving over the past 200 years. Both our bathrooms and our cleaning habits have come a long way. During pre-victorian times it was completely normal to share your outdoor privy with around 100 neighbours and empty sewage into either a cesspool or outside! Thankfully, sharing a single toilet is a problem that has long since been overcome. The single toilet was killed by the invention of plumbing, and specifically the S trap. This wonderful little invention trapped waste water in the toilet system, reducing the awful smell!

Doing your business became even more modern when the Victorians started manufacturing wooden baths that were lined with metal; however most cleaning activities were undertaken in the bedroom with the help of wash basins and chamber pots.

Moving forward into the 20th century, a lot of households still used outhouses during WW2, and even as late as the 1960s some still didn’t have bathrooms.

Today we have the luxury of flushing toilets, waste treatment plants and triple-ply toilet paper to keep us happy.
Evolution of Bathroom Toilets Infographic

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