Download Valadares Sanitaryware Catalogue PDF

download valadares sanitaryware catalogue pdf

Download Valadares Sanitaryware Catalogue PDF

download valadares sanitaryware catalogue pdf
About Valadares:
Valadares is a sanitary ware manufacturer providing luxurious bathroom solutions. Valadares offers high end bathroom solutions in a competitive price. They provide a wide range of products that will allow you to create the stylish bathroom of your dreams. Valadares is constantly innovating by staying updated with the latest in global Sanitaryware design. The designs of the products ranges from contemporary, elegant to stylish designs that finally leads to present a beautiful bathrooms to the customers.
Catalogue Details :
Index :

Sanitaryware, Accessible set accessories, structure for wall hung, wash basins, technical pieces, shower trays, bath tubs, faucets, columns and shower screens, accessories, etc.
Sanitaryware :

Egg – wash basin, WC, Bidet, Egg wall hung – wash basin, WC, bidet.
Assimetrica – Wash basin, WC, bidet, Light – Wash basin, WC, bidet.
Nautilus – Wash basin, WC, bidet, Nautilus Wall hung – Wash basin, WC, bidet.
Urban – Wash basin, WC, bidet, Oporto – Wash basin, WC, bidet.
Neo Classica – Wash basin, WC, bidet, Tagus – Wash basin, WC, bidet.
Durius – Wash basin, WC, bidet, Durius Wall hung – Wash basin, WC, bidet.
Opus – Wash basin, WC, WC BTW, bidet, Opus Wall hung – Wash basin, WC, bidet.
Europa Plus – Wash basin, WC, bidet, Europa Wall hung – Wash basin, WC, bidet.
V- Junior – Wash basin, WC, Infantil – Wash basin, WC.

PMR – Wash basin, WC, Shower tray.
Accessible Set Accessories – Basin mixer with Joy stick, wash basin mixer, bath tub mixer, shower mixer, wash basin mixer.
High Pressure mixer and shower with valve, mirror, supports, support bar, wash basin bar, WC support bar, WC adjustable bar, articulated WC bar, shower seat.
Structure for Wall hung WC – Wall mounted Cistern, Wall mounted WC cistern, double WC support, structure wall mounting wash basin, wall mounted cistern with top flush.
Wall hung WC structure, structure wall hung bidet, structure bidet, double structure wall mounted bidet, wall mounted urinal structure.
Urinal – Gresanit urinal, Hello urinal, Florida urinal, Niagara urinal, Separador urinal, face2 urinal, canto urinal.
Wash basins – Aviz wash basin, Urban wash basin, Darke wash basin etc.

Address :
Valadares Portugal
Fabrica Ceramica de Valadares, S.A
Apartado 3 / EC Valadares
4406 – 951 Vila Nova de Gala
Tel : +351 227 150 062
Fax : +351 227 150 091
Email :


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