Download Devon & Devon Sanitary ware Catalogue PDF

download devon devon sanitary ware catalogue pdf

Download Devon & Devon Sanitary ware Catalogue PDFdownload devon devon sanitary ware catalogue pdf

About Devon & Devon :

Devon & Devon is a Sanitaryware manufacturer designing contemporary and integrated bathrooms. They provide various collections of sanitary ware products, which include stunning blues collection, Cambridge collection, Classica collection etc. A wide collection of shiny sanitary ware varieties designed in Devon & Devon Sanitary ware. They provide sanitaryware products in various sizes which matches all type of bathrooms.

Catalogue Details :

Sanitaryware Collections : Blues Collection, Cambridge Collection, Classica Collection, Etoile Collection, New Etoile Collection, Oxford Collection, Rose Collection, Westminister Collection, Accessories for Sanitary ware.

Blues Collection – Blues Basin, Blues Pedestal, Blues Console, Wide blues Double basin, Wide blues Console, Blues Bidet, Blues Back to wall WC pan, Blues WC pan.

Blues High level Cistern, Blues high level flush pipe, Blues close coupled Cistern, Blue lever, Blues solid Oak dark stained seat, Blues solid Oak seat.

Blues Mahogany seat in MDF, Blues painted seat in MDF, Blues Mahogany high gloss seat in MDF, Blues semi-gloss painted seat in MDF, Double.

Cambridge Collection – Cambridge basin, Cambridge Pedestal, Angel console, Tiffany console, Tiffany Accessory.

Classica Collection – Classica basin, Classica Pedestal, Classica Bidet, Classica Back to wall WC pan, Classica WC pan, Classica close coupled Cistern, Classic Lever.

Classica Solid Oak dark stained seat, Classica mahagony seat in MDF, Classica white painted seat in MDG, Double.

Etoile Collection – Etoile Pedestal, Etoile Console, Etoile basin, Etoile bidet, Etoile WC pan, Etoile Wall hung bidet, Etoile wall hung WC pan, Etoile back to wall WC pan.

Etoile Low level Cistern, Etoile Low level flush pipe, Etoile lever, Etoile high level Cistern, Etoile high level flush pipe, Etoile Pull, chain and lever, Etoile WC pan.

Etoile Close coupled Cistern, Etoile lever, Etoile USA WC pan, Etoile USA close coupled Cistern, Etoile USA lever, Etoile solid Oak dark stained seat.

Etoile solid Oak seat, Etoile mahogany seat in MDF, Etoile white painted seat in MDF, Double.

New Etoilet Collection – New Etoile Pedestal, New Etoile Console, New Etoile basin, New Etoile bidet, New Etoile WC pan, New Etoile Wall hung bidet, New Etoile wall hung WC pan, New Etoile back to wall WC pan etc.


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