Download Bathco Sanitary ware Catalogue PDF

Download Bathco Sanitary ware Catalogue – Spain PDF

download bathco sanitary ware catalogue pdfAbout Bathco Sanitary ware:

Bathco Sanitary ware is designing, manufacturing and distributing products related to bathroom for more than 35 years. They have branches in five continents. They have many projects running and provide well-designed products, which will fulfill the customer’s need. The company is located in the North of the Iberian Peninsula, Cantabria is the birth place of their creativity. The exports are done in the Kingdom of Castilla. They maintain good quality in their products and have trained professional designers in their team.

Catalogue Details:

Ibiza – Floor toilet with tank, Back to wall toilet, Wall-hung toilet, Bide / Bidget.

Formentera – Floor toilet with tank, Back to wall toilet, Wall-hung toilet, Bide / Bidget.

Toledo – Floor toilet with tank, Wall-hung toilet, Bide / Bidget.

Washbasins / Circular (Models of Top counter wash basin) –   Atlanta, Bali, Balibao, Biarritz, castellon, castellon C, castellon D, CRU castellon, caceres, bayona, lisboa, viena, yin yang, napoles, cerdena, Laredo, Cuenca, marsella, orbital, roma, florencia A, Florencia B, Nordic, Habana, Hambug.

Washbasins / Rectangular (Models of Top Counter / Wall hung wash basin)  – Anabel, magdalena, aragon, soria, galicia, luna, park, eva, lake, Madrid, quadro, tokio, caribe, Toscana, paris, genova, Santander, Nuevo Montevideo, california, liebana, Huelva 75, hueva 100, huesca, hannover 80, hawai, Hanoi 60, 80, 100.

Washbasins / Oval (Models of top counter washbasin) – Austria, Cantabria, cosmillas, Malaga, Bombay, ancona, Modena granada, wave, TT2, pure, flora, ellipse, Toulouse, CRU Toulouse.

Like wise there are models of top counter / wall hung Washbasins / Mini, Washbasins / Vintage & D-color, washbasins / stone, washbasins / resin, washbasins / crystal glass.

Furniture and tops – Manchester / top for Manchester washbasin, Top to combine with stainless steel supports, compatible with supports, Top with towel rail included.

Glass Tops – Top to combine with stainless steel supports, compatible with supports.

Stailess steel tops – Top with accessories combined with wooden top, Towel rail included, Accessories included, top with accessories combined with glass top.

Porcelain washbasin, Infinite combinations for the bathroom, Lacquered tops etc.,

Each model is defined with details about the size, name and with image.

Tel : + 34 942 32 12 22
Fax : +34 942 32 48 98

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