Download Armani Roca Sanitary ware Catalogue PDF

Download Armani Roca Sanitary ware Catalogue PDFdownload armani roca sanitaryware catalogue pdf
About Armani Roca :
The Armani / Roca is a sanitaryware manufacturer provide bathroom related products with high quality. They provide bathroom products with elegant simplicity and total harmony while designing. They use advanced technology solutions for designing the products and the entire collection oozes perfection in each point like selection of materials, colors until the last detail things they concentrate on perfection. They provide four distinct areas such as the Beauty area, the Wellness bath area, Shower area and the basic needs area.
Catalogue Details :
Sanitary ware :

Counter top wash basin with orifices for matching Faucet for Beauty area, Wall hung WC for Basic needs area.
Soft close cover and seat for Wall-hung WC, Duplo WC support for conventional built-in installations, special height compatible with operating plates.
Duplo WC free – standing support for island buil-in installations, special height compatible with operating plate reference for basic needs area.
Wall hung bidet, with ywo 30,5mm orifices for matching Faucet for basin needs area, Soft close cover for Wall – hung bidet for basin needs area.

Duplo bidet support for conventional built-in installations. Not compatible with built-in horizontal cabinet for bidet for basic needs area.
Duplo bidet free-standing support for island built-in installations. Compatible with built-in horizontal cabinet for bidet.
Wash basin single side lever Faucet for beauty area, Bidet single side lever Faucet, hided under bidet cover for basic needs area.

5 ways built-in thermostatic shower mixer with handshower and 2 shower jets for well shower area, Rain shower head.
Wall mounted cascade spout for wellness shower area, Retractable toilet-jet for WC cleaning, inside built-in cubicle for basic needs area.
Shower tray for wellness shower area, Bathtub for islands, with deck mounted thermostatic Faucet, brass safety handles on the sides and headrest for wellness bath area.
Furniture with counter top wash basins, Large interior container for furniture, Interior container with 3 compartments for furniture, Interior tray for furniture, Over Countertop tray for furniture etc.

Address :
Armani / Roca
Roca Sanitario, S.A.
Avda. Diagonal, 513
08029 Barcelona, Spain
Tel : +34 93 366 1200
Fax : +34 93 430 2019


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