Cera Sanitaryware Ltd- Products & Price List

Cera Sanitaryware Limited is fast Growing Sanitaryware manufacturer in India. They have largest Products range of Washbasins, Water Closets(WC), Bath Tubs and Urinals. Following are Products and price of Cera Sanitaryware Limited.

Cera sanitaryware Product Price list:

Cera sanitaryware Product Maximum Retail Price starting from 1045 Rs Goes up-to 400000 Rs.

Cera sanitaryware Wash basins Price list:

S#Cera sanitaryware WB Model NameMRP*
1Cera Wash Basin Cosy1045
2Cera Wash Basin Chico1145
3Cera Wash Basin Calvin 1650
4Cera Wash Basin Callis 1500
5Cera Wash Basin Cadman 2345
6Cera Table Top wash Basin Canal1750
7Cera Table Top W Basin Cayden 4995
8Cera Table Top Basin Crus 3099
9Cera Table Top Basin Crest12945
10Cera Table Top Basin Coupe3845
11Cera Table Top Basin Countess 13748
12Cera Table Top Basin Cornelio10555
13Cera Table Top Basin Copenhagen13500
14Cera Table Top Basin Conway6550
15Cera Table Top Basin Columbia-Dia4395
16Cera Table Top Basin Colonia6299
17Cera Table Top Basin Coleman8499
18Cera Table Top Basin Cloister2625
19Cera Table Top Basin Cliona 17049
20Cera Table Top Basin Cholena 5750
21Cera Table Top Basin Chest8645
22Cera Table Top Basin Cherub3195
23Cera Table Top Basin Chavela 17300
24Cera Table Top Basin Chason4045
25Cera Table Top Basin Cassio5695
26Cera Table Top Basin Casket Min 3795
27Cera Table Top Basin Casket5895
28Cera Table Top Basin Cardis4595
29Cera Table Top Basin Callan14500
30Cera Table Top Basin Calida 5795
31Cera Table Top Basin Cala8550
32Cera Pedastal with Wash Basin Celeste 5790
33Cera Pedastal W Basin Calvina6199
34Cera Pedastal Basin Columbia17500
35Cera Pedastal Basin Clair 3390
36Cera Pedastal Basin Cimberly 8945
37Cera Pedastal Basin Casino4625
38Cera Pedastal Basin Casablanca5540
39Cera Pedastal Basin Cargo4299
40Cera Pedastal Basin Canopy5010
41Cera Pedastal Basin Calista5989
42Cera Oval wash basin2445
43Cera Ova wash basin1995
44Cera One Piece Wash Basin Claus15000
45Cera One Piece Wash Basin Cisco10720
46Cera One Piece Wash Basin Cherooke29000
47Cera One Piece Wash Basin Charles27824
48Cera One Piece Wash Basin Campi 10045
49Cera Crawford Basi12999
50Cera Craig8995
51Cera Coyota 9000
52Cera Concord WB3095
53Cera Comet WB4795
54Cera Cliff Wash basin 2860
55Cera Clair WB 4245
56Cera Circle wash basin1700
57Cera Chester Wash basins7645
58Cera Celene Basin 19600
59Cera Carmel10200
60Cera Candid 10592
61Cera Camry WB3095
62Cera Cabinet with basin17100
63Cera Cabinet19675
64Cera Cabe WB 4368

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Cera Sanitaryware Water Closets (WC) price list:

S#Cera sanitaryware WC Product Model NameMRP*
1Cera Wall Hung Vista22445
2Cera Wall Hung Palazzo 21000
3Cera Wall Hung Elevata 22500
4Cera Wall Hung Croma 12045
5Cera Wall Hung Creek 18492
6Cera Wall Hung Coupe9645
7Cera Wall Hung County 9440
8Cera Wall Hung Cori 18145
9Cera Wall Hung Corbet 20020
10Cera Wall Hung Compact 3690
11Cera Wall Hung Clair5240
12Cera Wall Hung Chicago 17595
13Cera Wall Hung Chevy 19965
14Cera Wall Hung Cheree8695
15Cera Wall Hung Central 17999
16Cera Wall Hung Cato14097
17Cera Wall Hung Carniva8499
18Cera Wall Hung Carmen19579
19Cera Wall Hung Carat with Seat Cover1800
20Cera Wall Hung Campbell 13530
21Cera Wall Hung Cameo14000
22Cera Wall Hung Cadrain20000
23Cera Two Piece EWC Columbia 38000
24Cera Two Piece EWC Cimberly13990
25Cera Two Piece EWC Chicago35000
26Cera Two Piece EWC Canton 21500
27Cera Two Piece EWC Calibre7999
28Cera Orissa Pan OR1995
29Cera Orissa Pan OR1595
30Cera Orissa Pan Cello Pan3168
31Cera Orissa Pan Cello1845
32Cera One Piece EWC Cristy14050
33Cera One Piece EWC Comfy 19999
34Cera One Piece EWC Codi -S-Trap 13245
35Cera One Piece EWC Coby 38000
36Cera One Piece EWC Clover -S-30- EWCC15660
37Cera One Piece EWC Clive19766
38Cera One Piece EWC Clayton16445
39Cera One Piece EWC Christina20999
40Cera One Piece EWC Carvel 36581
41Cera One Piece EWC Cartel 15100
42Cera One Piece EWC Carma30945
43Cera One Piece EWC Capstan18155
44Cera One Piece EWC Campbell 14090

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Cera Sanitaryware Urinal price list:

S#Cera sanitaryware Urinal product NameMRP*
1Cera Urinal With Sensor 13175
2Cera Urinal With Sensor 35000
3Cera Urinal Large3745
4Cera Urinal Flat Back Small4500
5Cera Urinal Flat Back7660
6Cera Urinal Carlos 24000
7Cera Urinal Cally 7450

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Cera Sanitary Bath Tubs price list:

S #Cera sanitaryware Bath tub Product Model NameMRP*
1Cera Cleopatra Whirlpool Bath tub with LCD TV 1900 x 850 x 700 mm - CLEOPATRA400000
2Cera Carol Bath tub 1670 x 760 x 400 mm - CAROL 18591
3Cera Bathtubs with head rest and handle 1670 x 760 x 375 mm - Cera20200
4Cera Bathtubs 1400 x 1400 x 440 mm - CORNER 52130

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Cera sanitaryware catalogue can be downloaded from their official website.



In 2002

The company has been started as Madhusudan Oils & Fats Ltd and the Board appointed Shri Vikram somany as the Chairman and MD .

The Panel also appointed Shri S C Kothari as Whole Time Director  and Shri N K Maheshwari and Shri O P Bhandari have been chosen as Added Directors of the Firm

In 2008

Cera Sanitaryware Ltd held meeting on July 30, 2008, for the Board of Directors and also approved the appointment of of Shri. Ashok Chhajed as additional Board of Directors.

In 2009

INR two shares have been suggested for INR five by the company Board of director

In 2010

Cera sanitaryware started faucetsware  production in 2010 at Kadi , Gujarat – India

In 2011

INR 2.50 shares have been suggested for  INR.5 by the cera  company Board of director.

In 2012

INR.3.00 shares have been suggested for INR.5 by the cera company Board of  director.

Shri S.C.Kothari,has selected as C.E.O of the corporate.

The Cera Sanitaryware Company Has Been selected for  Product of the Year in the Sanitaryware & Fittings assembly and also selected winner for 2012 as well in the Class Of India’s fastest growing sanitaryware company

In 2013

INR.4.00 shares have been suggested for INR.5 by the cera company Board of director

Shri Lalit Kumar Bohania has been chosen as an additional director during the year.

‘Indian Power Brand’ award has caught for The Cera sanitaryware Company

The Product of the Year Award is given to CERA’s companies single lever faucet.

The first toilet sanitizer is designed by the Cera sanitaryware firm

In 2014

The Cera Sanitaryware Company creators have  the new Ideas in the Bathroom solutions hurled

1.) a new one piece EWC with twin innovation – it is rimless and it is with nano glaze.

2.)water-saving twin-flush in India more than fifteen years back, has been on the forefront of initiative path-breaking products since its commencement.

SMt.Deepshikha Khaitan and Shri Atul Sanghavi as Executive officer of the firm on April 1st,2014

INR.5.00 shares have been suggested for INR.5 by the cera company Board of director

Cera Sanitaryware Manufacturing factory unit address:


CERA Sanitaryware Ltd.

9, GIDC Industrial Estate, Kadi 382715, Dist. Mehsana, Gujarat

Tel-Phone :+91 2764 242329, 262619, 262638, 263874, 321949

Fax :+91 2764 242465

For all products related inquiry contact: Email : kadi@cera-india.com

Cera Sanitaryware Limited commercial ads:

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  1. Shanmugam says:

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  2. shalu arora says:

    Cera model no 2068 capston toilet seat ki cistern ka ceremic cover damage ho gya h. Plz tell me ki mughe kahan se nya milega?

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    Sir I have purchesed wallhung wc at Nasik from Vishal hardware in aumahing.while intaling now it is notoiced that cover of wc is not mahing. I tried to bring to notice to dealer but he is not respondig. I have mlodged complan on tax free no. Your technician visitedeand verified agreed with my view even then dealer is no agree.said cover is not dameged not used i want only replace ment pl help.

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    i want to buy bath tub wc washbasin and other bathroom sanitary product for my new house.kindly send me price list and product detail.

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