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Top 10 Sanitary ware Manufacturers Brands in India


Find List of top 10 best sanitary ware manufacturers company brands in India.The sanitary ware manufacturing companies in India is booming during last 15 years due to the infrastructure developments. When I started working in sanitaryware manufacturing units the brands and companies producing sanitaryware are limited but now many indian companies started and Some of […]

Cera Sanitaryware Ltd- Products & Price List

Cera Sanitaryware

Cera Sanitaryware Limited is fast Growing Sanitaryware manufacturer in India. They have largest Products range of Washbasins, Water Closets(WC), Bath Tubs and Urinals. Following are Products and price of Cera Sanitaryware Limited. Cera sanitaryware Product Price list: Cera sanitaryware Product Maximum Retail Price starting from 1045 Rs Goes up-to 400000 Rs. Cera sanitaryware Wash basins […]

25 Defects in Sanitaryware Manufacturing

Defects in Sanitaryware affect the yield of production. We have listed common defects in sanitaryware which may arise from Raw materials, handling or process. Cracks –One of the major defect found in the Sanitaryware production process. Separation/Split of Sanitaryware surface without breaking apart. Blisters – Blistering is sharp-edged burst bubble. Can be found in fired ware. […]