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One of the issues faced by Sanitaryware manufactures using Battery casting systems is that of mould breakage, slip leakage and a deteriorating mould quality well before the expected life span of 80 to 100 casts per mould. Most often the casting staffs are labeled as the culprit due either to lack of skill or carelessness […]

There are many variables involved with an adapted process in sanitary-ware manufacture. Many leave Managers, supervisors and casting staff baffled when an issue cannot be traced with certainty to a particular problem. It is often like chasing ghosts when even the date, mould and actual operator are known but no evidence shows of problem cause. […]

We have listed 10 sanitary ware online shopping websites around India, which provides high-quality sanitary ware products. You can buy the product you need among these online shopping sites without any doubts. Nowadays we can order and buy anything from the computer without leaving your desk. The Sanitaryware products are also included in this list […]